Monitoring continuously for 7X24 hours

ATC exclusive anti-cheat algorithm,Users Tracking
Scientific Analysis,Users Retention
Precise user portrait,In-depth user analysis

  • Covering the moving end

    Smart Coverage of PC and mobile
    360° intelligent acquisition, let monitoring no dead ends

  • Tracking and Monitoring

    Minute level data monitoring analysis
    Real-time tracking, master data trends

  • Visual Report

    Visual Report reveals the truth of the data
    Simple, intuitive, at a glance

iiMedia monitoring products

  • Weibo/WeChat new media monitoring

    Timely discovery of machine fraud and brushing
    Identify audience interests and biases

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  • Big data public opinion control

    Advanced text analysis and mining technology
    to help enterprises with public opinion warning

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  • Mobile advertising monitoring

    ATC exclusive anti-cheat algorithm
    Delivery strategy recommendations and optimization

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  • Mobile application monitoring

    Insight into user activity, retention, and loss
    Improve promotion efficiency and reduce promotion costs

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